Implement real-time data aggregation and visualization – our source independent presentation layer has rich graphics and can be entirely customized, using data from a variety of sources (ERPs, SQL data banks, specific programs, and much more). 

Data Aggregation from multiple locations

FactoryStudio® is the perfect platform to collect data from multiple locations to a centralized location. Hundreds to thousands of distributed FS nodes, provide the process data acquisition, and publish data to a cloud server, or to the corporate office.

Assets and Categories

Organize your project with categories and assets. An asset is composed of tags and other application objects connected to your process hierarchy. FactoryStudio® allows implementation of ISA 95 modeling specifications, which can be essential in large systems.

OSIsoft PI Integration

FactoryStudio® support native connection, to OSIsoft PI System, directly accessing PI tags. It also supports native connection for the Asset Framework (AF) and Event Frames (EF). The entire AF data structure can be either imported to FactoryStudio, or accessed directly from the AF server, with no data replication or importing.

No programming, OPC, or OLE-DB is required and you can access PI data or PI AF attributes directly from C#/VB.NET scripts. The system also has a seamless, SDK level, connectivity with PI Batch™ and PI EF™ for data presentation, charts and custom data management. For high-performance, large applications, instead of a SQL database, the tag historian can be kept on the PI System database. The pure .NET SDK level connection with PI (no COM, OPC or OLEDB required) provides high performance and click-once tag definition synchronization.

FactoryStudio® also allows high-speed direct access to historian data and has support for tags, templates, categories, descriptions, and tree structures created within Pi AF. You can also access Pi AF model definitions for application development and query Pi Event Frames servers for batch analysis.

Finally, you can connect with Multiple PI Servers from the Same Application. You can leverage Asset Management and Event Models using FactoryStudio tools and access real-time KPI dashboards when and where you need them. You can also share notes with others involved in the process and implement corporate standards.

Easily connect to your database

Tatsoft FactoryStudio® fulfills requirements like high-performance, enhanced connectivity capabilities, an extremely rich and powerful graphical user interface and superior real-time data acquisition engines.

Tatsoft FactoryStudio® also brings the standard functionalities found in this product range, such as interaction with database servers (SQL, OSISoft PI, Oracle, Sybase, Informix and others), extensibility using standard languages such as C# and VB.NET, custom network buses, a user-friendly alarm server and event notification module, a logging and reporting component, an advanced historian server, business logic management capabilities as well as support for local and remote clients, either running in computers, web, tablets and smartphones. With this unified application development platform, you also gain native .NET PC, Web, iPad, and iPhone support and a cloud-based software development, control and release environment.


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