FactoryStudio® is a powerful application development platform that delivers real-time information and provides a complete set of modules in a unified and intuitive engineering user interface.

FactoryStudio® is an extremely flexible tool, which can adapt to the client’s needs. The application can be best classified in the three categories below:


Here we’ll describe the product’s framework, that you will find regardless of the way you choose to implement this application.

FactoryStudio® includes standard modules for: real-time tags and assets database, user templates, alarms and events, historian, SQL tables and queries, recipes, XML, CSV, XPS and PDF reports, built-in embedded SQL database engine and web server, scripting, scheduling, OPC server and client, native communication protocols, graphical designer, with native runtimes for .Net, Web, iOS, Android, Windows Compact Framework (Windows CE), Linux, and Raspberry Pi (rPi).

FactoryStudio® is vertical agnostic, with a flexible infra-structure for real-time data management, it has been applied on several different industries. See all of our Industries Solutions here.



New Generation Tools

Most of products currently being used in our market had their core foundation and architecture created around 10 to 15 years ago. That is a huge amount of time, when we talk about software, communications, graphics and human-computers interaction technologies.

When there is an evolutionary major step is the computers, programming languages and operating system, like we had over the past decade, the only way to really leverage the current technology it is to the design from ground-up, using a new kernel designed from scratch to the up-to-date technological environment.

That is what we did for real-time factory-floor data monitoring, HMI and SCADA System, Distributed Data Aggregation and Advanced visualization tools for Situational Awareness Projects and real-time decision-making systems.

The Project Configuration user interfaces, from the Project Selection, to the configuration of the project, are setting a new industry standard. Any engineer familiar with the previous generation of software tools, can recognize in minutes that is from a new generation, not just peripheral enhancements.

The exact same configuration tools are used, no matter you are working with a project in the local computer, a remote server, or from a Cloud environment. There is high isolation between the data layer and the presentation layer, and the configuration tools including auto-correction and traceability, making the work of the Process Engineer doing a configuration faster and without errors.

The Tatsoft FactoryStudio® users can develop their automation solutions using the full power of their desktop computers, including real-time tags, communication, events and alarms, data logging, data analysis calculation, and deploy that exact same solution to run in any device running Windows (any version), Windows CE, Linux, Mac OS, Android or Apple iOS.

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State-of-the-art Interface

With an easy-to-use interface that leaves the old client/server Win32 GUI far behind, FactoryStudio’s UI looks and navigates much like a website allowing the most casual of users to be productive in a very short period of time. Say “goodbye” to difficult internal navigation, multiple windows and logic trees. You can easily convert your current system implementations, as well as applications, to the next generation of hardware and software design with FactoryStudio.

Leave the world of clunky Win32 environments and products with no real evolution path, which necessitates many calls to the “help & support” line to resolve product issues. Take the next step forward for your organization with the introduction of FactoryStudio® into your enterprise.

Tatsoft’s technology is “cutting edge” but proven; developed in strict adherence to the concepts and standards of the Microsoft.NET Framework, FactoryStudio® maximizes the features of the .NET Framework while adding significant features with FactoryStudio that allows you total control over the design and deployment of applications, the user experience, security procedures, as well as processes and procedures with VB.Net or C# user scripts (with “intellisense”) built-in for multi-thread management.

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Operational Stability and Security

Leveraging technologies such as Microsoft .NET, among others, we greatly improved the reliability of the execution of the application in the field. We took the concept of “intrinsically-safe-hardware” and worked to create the concept of “intrinsically-safe-software”, where, even in the case of the failure of a component, the overall system and the other components are intrinsically protected and does have its execution affected.

Also, for high availability system, all FactoryStudio® components can be deployed as a redundant hot-standby system, with no project changes required.

The Security Models, including the networks, data privacy and user authentication, were designed to our current highly distributed environment, following NSA Cyber security recommendations, yet keeping the configuration easy and manageable.

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From Factory-Floor to IOT

Tatsoft® has an incredible small footprint combined with high scalability. The product families and models enable you to deploy high quality and cost-effective systems, ranging from local HMI, touch-panels, embedded systems, supervisory stations, SCADA and distributed systems, control room and operations centers.

FactoryStudio® can also run natively in .Net, Web, iOS, Android, Windows Compact Framework (Windows CE), Linux, and Raspberry Pi (rPi).

When talking about the Industrial Internet of Things, of course connectivity is expected, but Tatsoft FactoryStudio® IIoT takes it to a higher next level, providing the Application Development Platform to allow easy creation of solutions for the device level itself. Those embedded applications can easily communication with remote FactoryStudio applications on the cloud, or on premises, accessing and consolidating distributed information.

“The development tools are the same whether you are deploying projects to Microsoft Windows computers running .NET Framework, Linux operating system with the Mono Framework and Raspberry PI devices.  For Raspberry PI, we also included easy access to onboard I/O in addition to all other HMI features”, explains Marcos (Marc) Taccolini, Tatsoft LLC CTO.

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Ready for Cloud and Distributed Systems

With FactoryStudio, Tatsoft® has created a distributed, multi-threaded application, that doesn’t require advanced programming skills. FactoryStudio® was architected to enable its use in different scenarios and topologies, from a local interface on an embedded panel to fault-tolerant servers, serving multiple projects and clients.

FactoryStudio is based on a unified-package architecture, so the server is always the standard FactoryStudio software. However, all FactoryStudio® modules such as Scripts, Device, Historian, Database, etc. may be placed on different computers, in a distributed system context. The server computers can run in different Operating System, connecting to many options of client visualization stations, allowing flexible deployment scenarios.

FactoryStudio® is also the perfect platform to collect data from multiple locations to a centralized location. Hundreds to thousands of distributed FS nodes, provide the process data acquisition, and publish data to a cloud server, or to the corporate office.

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Economically beneficial

The first short term benefit of using FactoryStudio® is with cost and functionality of the automation projects that requires real-time information, data Aggregation or dynamic user interfaces. Definitively, the use a top-of-line tool, created in top of modern technologies by a multi-decade experienced team, will reduce costs not from 10%, sometimes by 10 times on implementing the software components of the automation project. No question that the more rich graphical user interface, stability and flexibility will bring some additional economical gains on that project, reducing its costs, while delivering more value of the application.

But the main economic benefits are from what the automation application, using the product, will bring to the operations of manufacturing plant, machine, process, or asset that is being monitored by the Tatsoft FactoryStudio® system.

Reducing energy costs, lowering the use the materials, increasing the uptime, and some direct measurable financial gains, as well traceability and quality control. Some other economical benefits and be even higher, even not measurable in the short term, as the more you about your process, the more you understand it, leading to develop new fabrication processes, or new products and technologies, that ultimately are the responsible for the long term growing of the company.

Another important thing that we considered when making FactorySudio® is the long term maintenance and evolution of the system – we did a deep analysis of the previous 30 years we followed the market, in order to identify ways to extend the longevity of the applications, also making easier its maintenance. We have made it very simple to upgrade projects to new features and versions, but also keep simple if necessary to keep running the exact same software solution for many years and different hardware generations, as it happens is some industrial systems.

Finally, Tatsoft FactoryStudio® helps turn data into information, helping companies reduce risk and improve the reliability of small to massive industrial systems.  Going beyond simply improving operational efficiency, it is a tool for better understanding of your business and for finding opportunities of growth, aiding in creating a better, more stable future for the company.

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