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FactoryStudio’s comprehensive functionality includes easy information exchange with built-in user-friendly event, alarms, historizing of data, and business logic management running on PCs, Web, iPad and iPhone.
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Offer Training, Consulting, and Coaching our team of professionals assist in creating applications of projects with the FactoryStudio, as well as assisting Clients with custom .NET development.
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The FactoryStudio infrastructure was designed to provide the ideal platform for applications using the latest software technologies and by taking advantage of advances in hardware design.
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Whether a System Integrator, Value Added Reseller, Machine Builder, PLC Manufacturer, Industrial PC Vendor, Educational Center or End-User, each Tatsoft solution is designed for the  maximum benefit.
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SmallCube Windows OS independent
SmallCube One Engineering Environment
SmallCube Collaborative Engineering
SmallCube On Line Configuration Changes
SmallCube Version Control
SmallCube Out-of-the-box Integration with OSisoft® PI System® Data